Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Potato Buns

Any special about this bread recipe? hmmm I realize this particular recipe uses egg yolk instead of whole egg. The bread dough does look more yellowish compare to those make with whole eggs :) I like to make little bread rolls as I like to play around with the shaping! hehehe so with this small batch of dough and learnt 2 ways of shaping the buns! The flower heart shape is a breeze for me. But the spiral roll bun gave me some problem :P Think I put in too much filling causing the dough skin to burst when I tried to roll out the wrapped dough >.< Quite messy when I try to twist and coil it up. Luckily only did this design for 3 buns and one of them turn out a heart shape instead! hahaha....


How to shape into a Flower Heart Shape Bun

Suppose to be a spiral round shape but end up becoming a heart shape bun :)

How to shape into a spiral round bun...

Sweet Potato Paste
Ingredient (approx 150gm)
  • 125gm sweet potato, peel and cut into chunks
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 25gm unsalted butter

  1. Steam sweet potato for 15mins until soften. Add in sugar and butter and mash till smooth.
  2. Cover the surface with cling wrap and chill till use.

Sweet Potato Buns
Ingredient (5 buns)
  • 155gm bread flour
  • 25gm sugar
  • 2 gm salt
  • 2gm instant yeast
  • 20gm egg yolk
  • 40gm milk
  • 50gm Tang Zhong
  • 25gm unsalted butter
Filling :
  • 150gm sweet potato paste
  • some almond nibs for garnish

Method (hand knead)
  1. Mix all ingredients, except butter, combine to a rough dough, knead for 2mins. Add in soften butter and knead for 10mins till a smooth and elastic dough is formed. Cover and proof for 1 hour until double in bulk.
  2. Punch down proofed dough and knead lightly. Divide into 60gm each and roll in rounds. Cover and rest for 15mins.
  3. Roll out each dough and wrap with sweet potato fillings. Shape the dough into your favourite shape (refer to pics above). Place on baking sheet and proof for another 1 hour, covered.
  4. Brush surface with egg wash and sprinkle some almond nibs.
  5. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg cel for 20mins until golden brown.

Recipe adapted from '超简单面包精选'


Unknown said...

Very beautifully bake. I like to come over your blog for bread ideas.. U are very talented in making bread dough!

Peng said...

Angeline..thanks for ur kind words! But am still 1/2 bucket water hehehe ;)

Blaireau said...

I accidentally used all purpose flour instead of bread flour. Will it still turn out fine? :(

Peng said...

Angela C. plain flour is fine as long as u knead the dough long enough. Bread flour has higher gluten which the bread will be more chewy than using normal plain flour.

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