Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rainbow Agar Agar (Jelly)

R A I N B O W     A G A R     A G A R

A heavy down pour has indeed cool down the heat instantly! This also perked up my cooking mood again thus gets my hands busy with this multi-coloured layer agar agar aka Rainbow Jelly. Oh my but this is not a easy job hahaha....6 layers coloured jelly with 6 layers coconut jelly in between ^0^ 12 times measuring out each of the portion (200ml each layer) and 12 times the waiting time (about 3 mins each layer to set slightly) for the layers to set in between. But I must admit the effort is all worthwhile when revealing this wholesome pretty jelly from the pan! Besides the fantastic appearance, I'm also really glad that each of the layers stick together very well without any layers falling apart! Can't help admiring them first before popping it into my mouth hahaha....

Ingredient (8" x 8")
Colours Layer
  • 1 packet 10gm agar agar powder
  • 1200 ml water
  • 200gm sugar
  • 2 pandan leaves, knotted
  • wilton colour paste - I've used 6 colours : violet, blue, green, yellow, orange & red

Coconut Milk Layer
  • 1 packet 10gm agar agar powder
  • 400ml coconut milk (I used 2 packets Ayam brand ones)
  • 800ml water
  • 200gm sugar
  • 2 pandan leaves
  • 1/2 tsp salt
* Note : Not too sure if the plain mixture evaporated too fast while double-boiling, I run out of the plain mixture at the last 2 colour layers! So I've actually cook another 1/2 portion of the mixture i.e. : 1 tbsp agar agar powder, 600ml water and 100gm sugar

  1. Colours Layer : Place pandan leaves and water into a pot. Bring to boil and add in sugar and agar agar powder. Boil for 1 minute and turn off heat. Sieve mixture into a bowl. Discard pandan leaves. Place the bowl over a pot of simmering hot water (double boil) to keep the mixture warm while preparing the coconut mixture.
  2. Coconut Milk Layer : Place pandan leaves and water into a pot. Bring to boil and add in sugar and agar agar powder. Boil for 1 minute. Add in coconut milk and salt. Turn off heat. Sieve mixture into another bowl and discard pandan leaves. Place the bowl over a pot of simmering hot water (double boil) to keep the mixture warm.

To Assemble 12 layers Jelly : milk, violet, milk, blue, milk, green, milk, yellow, milk, orange, milk, red 
  1. Measure 200ml of coconut mixture  and pour into a 8" x 8" pan. Leave it to set slightly but not harden. The surface will be sticky to feel. Use your finger gently touch on the surface to test out.
  2. Second layer : Measure 200ml of plain mixture and add the violet colour (use a toothpick to swap some colour paste and stir into the agar agar mixture, add more till the desired tone you prefer), stir evenly to dissolve the colouring. Gently spoon the coloured mixture over the coconut layer (first layer). Leave to set slightly but not harden.
  3. Repeat Step 1 and 2 till the layers are completed (ending with a red coloured layer).
  4. Leave the whole jelly to cool down in room temperature before refrigerating till cold. Slice and serve!


melonpan said...

wow wow wow how colourful and beauytful...the child will love it^^

I love it wunderful :-)

Ayam Brand Malaysia said...

Hi! We love this recipe, so very colourful and radiant. We have shared it on the Ayam Brand Malaysia facebook :) Thank you for using our Coconut Milk.

Fiona Pea said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing. The colours are lovely. Just wondering if I can use coconut cream instead of coconut milk. Thanks.

Peng said...

Fiona Pea...can try but not necessary to use thick coconut cream.

Fiona Pea said...

Sure! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how long can I keep this? Can j prepare this two days in advance for party?

Peng said... best to make one day in advance, more than that the colour layer will leech into the coconut layers.

K.W said...

Can skip coconut milk? Just all is jelly :)

Peng said...

Choy kei Wai.... u can try but layers n taste will be compromise.

K.W said...

How many drop pandan flavour for 1 pack agar agar? I failed buy pandan leaves

Peng said...

Choy Kei Wai....1/2 tsp will do.

Elaine said...

Will the other colors start to harden as you are waiting for the layers to cool? How to prevent that from happening?

Anonymous said...

Thank u for the recipe! Made it today and it was so pretty - J

Peng said...

Elaine....I do not tinted all the colour at once. The pot of plain agar agar liquid is placed over a pot of hot water, I will take a portion needed and add colouring after each layer just set.

Unknown said...

Hi which brand of agar agar powder did u buy? Thanks!

Peng said...

Charlene Go....I think I use rose brand, bought from a provision shop.

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