Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Osmanthus White Fungus Peach Resin Dessert 桂花雪耳桃胶甜汤

Recently this ingredient known as peach resin is very popular. It is actually a natural resin secreted from the peach tree! It contains rich collagen therefore it is a great alternative to taking bird nest which is real steep compared to peach resin. A small amount of dried peach resin can expand up to 10 times of its original size! So a little of it goes a long way. 

The common way of preparing peach resin dessert is to combine with white fungus, pears, papayas, red dates, dried longans etc....Today I've try cooking it without any fruits added, just a touch of osmanthus for a sweet floral scent. It tasted awesome when it served chilled! Perfect in this super humid weather.

  • 20gm peach gum
  • 35gm white fungus
  • 35gm dried longon
  • 30gm red dates, deseeded
  • 1-2 slabs brown rock sugar
  • 1 heap tbsp dried osmanthus
  • 2.5l water
  1. Soak the peach gum for at least 10 hours. Remove any impurities and rinse thoroughly. Soak the white fungus till soften and tear into bite sizes.
  2. Add water into a pot and bring to boil. Add in white fungus, longan and red dates. Simmer on medium low for 30 mins. 
  3. Add in peach gum and rock sugar. Continue to cook for another 30 mins. 
  4. Add in osmanthus and boil briefly. Turn off heat. Serve warm or chilled.

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