Friday, September 3, 2010

Princess Food Diary!

Time flies! my little gal is already 7.5 mths :) She has been taking semi-solid food for 3 months already, soon will be proceeding in taking porridge. Meanwhile she is having rice cereal/brown rice cereal/wheat cereal twice daily together with the homemade puree I've prepared for her on top of her usual milk feed..below is a picture of her having her very first mouth of cereal at 19 weeks! As at todate she can manage to finish 1/2 cup of food for each meal.

Below is a chart of various food puree which I've introduced to her! is so colourful right, therefore I named it Colourful Baby Food Chart heeee...I introduce each puree for 3 days before proceeding to the next to see she has any reaction to any particular food. So far she is fine with all the puree I've given her :) Certain puree like beetroot & broccoli is too overwhelming for her taste bud, therefore I will mix them with sweeter puree like pumpkin or carrot to balance the taste.

Useful sources on how to prepare Baby Food : Wholesome Baby Food , Baby.about , Homemade Baby Food


Cooking Gallery said...

Your girl is so cute, she looks a little bit like my niece :).

Peng said...

thanks Cooking Gallery :)

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