Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooling Brewed

Feeling heaty after consuming too much mooncakes?? Try this old-fashioned thirst quenching drink Sugar Cane + Water Chestnuts ;) Simply boil 300gm sugar cane, 12 waterchestnuts with 2 liter water for 1.5hrs, then add rock sugar to taste, best serve chilled!


Bakericious said...

my mum always brew this for us :)

Belly Good Cooking said...

Never knew can boil the water chestnuts without peeling off the skin!!! Will sure try this remedy :)

Peng said...

Belly Good Cooking....that's what I seen my grandma & mother did! with skin on :) but make sure u clean them thoroughly or else u will get a pot of muddy chestnut drink :P

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