Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Can you figure out what is this by looking at the pictures? It is made up with only 2 ingredients, dried persimmons & toasted walnuts! It is Walnuts Wrapped in does a whole piece of dried persimmons being wrapped around the walnuts?? Thanks to Maangchi's video of making this dainty sweet dessert, if not I'm really clueless on how to trim and cut up the dried persimmons! Though mine does not look as pretty as Maangchi's, is still taste as good! 

Walnuts wrapped in persimmons 곶감쌈

  • 2 dried persimmons, stalk removed
  • 6 roasted walnut halves


kitchen flavours said...

What an awesome dessert! Have never heard of this! Must taste really good, sweet persimmons with nutty walnuts, yum! Thanks for sharing, I've learnt something new today!

Dumpling Love said...

I saw this on Maangchi's blog too! I tried it with apricots because I don't have dried persimmons. It's really nice! Plus, you don't feel too "dry" from all the walnuts because of the dried fruit =)

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