Friday, January 25, 2013

Pack with Love 6

Another school week has passed ! Hopefully will have more interesting food ideas churning out for my kids meal for the coming weeks!! But alas who caught the chicken pox virus!!!! no more fanciful snack box as Mummy need more rest for the next 2-3 weeks :(....

14 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Potato Stick, Coloured Quail Egg (tinted with purple carrot & blue pea flower), Cherry, Tomato
Lunch : Yam Rice, Beans with Roast Pork, Cherries

15 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Mayo Tuna wrap with Lettuce, Purple Carrots, Apples
Lunch : Yam & Minced Pork Porridge

16 Jan 2013 Breakfast : 'Apple' egg roll, fish nuggets, dragonfruit & cherry
Lunch : 'Panda' rice ball with pork floss filling, minty chicken & mushroom fishball

 this is Mei Mei's share! 

enjoying her very own bento before going to school! 

17 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Chix & Vege Dumpling, Honey Sweet Potato & Honeydew

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