Friday, January 11, 2013

Pack with Love 5

What have I been busy with since my boy started primary and 2nd one attending playgroup? I'm busy fetching them to and fro to school and preparing breakfast and lunch for dear son to bring to school >.<. I'm so occupied with the kids that I'm so tired that do not have the energy or mood to do any bakes for the past weeks @.@ 

With 600 kids in each break session, they have to queue and finish their food in 30mins duration!! I think this is rather intimidating for him as after the first day experienced in queuing for food, he requested for packed food thereafter >.< So every morning he will bring his snack box to school with him and during lunch break I will bring the food to him as his school is only less than 10mins walk from home :D So now every end of the week I will have to plan a menu for his breakfast and lunch, of course his little sister will also has her share but in smaller portion.

3 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Ham & Cheese Toast, Tortilla Chips, Sweet Corn

 4 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Soy Milk, Egg Tart, Rock Melon

7 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Tuna Sandwich, Quail Eggs, Carrots & Apple
Lunch : Pineapple Rice with Pork Floss

8 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Papaya, Wheat Crackers & Fish Nuggets
Lunch : Stir Fried Udon with broccoli, cauliflower, shitake, shimeiji and Penguin fish cake, aren't they cute!!

9 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Egg Cheese Toast, Potato Stick, Fruit Pouch
Lunch : 'Catarpilla' Seaweed rice ball, teriyaki chix with peppers & coloured quail eggs tinted by turmeric powder and red yeast rice powder!

10 Jan 2013 Breakfast : Sweet corn pancakes, heart/ flower sausage, honeydew, assorted greens

11 Jan 2013 Breakfast : 'Choo Choo' Train Egg roll, seaweed roll, peas & sweet corns, honeydew


Anonymous said...

Hi, my son is in P3 studying in mee toh as well. Was thinking of preparing lunch for him too for the 3 days but too lazy. I am u have to wake up early to prepare these breakfast or u did in the nite before and warm them in the morning? I suppose u need some amt of frying right?


Peng said...

Jeannie...I usually cook the breakfast in the morning, try to prepare those with minimalist frying :)

Esther@thefussfreechef said...

Wow Peng, you put so much effort into making good meals for your son, breakfast as well lunch, great job! I really must buck up on what i serve to my kid, poor thing gets just biscuits for breakfast sometimes :p tsk tsk, i love all your food ideas, pls keep posting what you cook for your children :)

Peng said...

Esther...I do give biscuit also but not enough to fill them up >.< if I only give them bread, wait my man complain again say not nutritious enough >.<

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