Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion Dinner

Happy Lunar New Year !!! today is 3rd day of lunar new year, finally got time to update my blog :) on the eve went back to my dad's place, he prepared so many dishes!! not enough space to place all the food on the table, we have to stack up some of the plates to create more spaces!! let me recall what we had on that night....

1) abalone salad 2) roast duck 3) fried lobster/octopus ball 4) steamed shelled scallop 5) fish maw stew soup 6) steamed promfret 7) stew sea cucumber wif oyster 8) brocolli with scallop 9) stirfry leek wif pig stomach 10) panfried prawns 11) chicken nuggets 12) fish/meat balls soup...12 course dinner for 8 adults! my favourite dish is abalone salad, shelled scallop & fish maw stew as shown on the pics :P

On the 1st day of CNY, my sis-in-law visited my place and we have BBQ & steamboat for dinner.

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