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潮州梅香肉丝月饼 Teochew Mooncakes

Indulge in too much sweet mooncakes can be real cloying :) Let's try out some savoury sweet mooncakes for a change! This is a traditional Teochew style baked mooncakes which consist of pork floss, sweet miu choy, candied mandarin orange, candied melon and sesame seeds. Interesting combination isn't it? 

pork floss, sweet miu choy, candied mandarin orange, candied melon, sesame seeds

Finely chopped all ingredients and mix in some lotus paste to bind it

Encase the sweet savoury filling with lotus paste

Step by step pictures of making of the pastry dough .... Wrap oil dough into water dough, shape into a ball and roll out

Roll from the short side into a log, flatten and roll out into a rectangle

Makes 3 folds and roll out into a flat disc

Place in a ball of filling and seal the edge tightly, pinch off excess

With seam sides down, flatten the pastry into a round disc. Egg wash and sprinkle white sesame seeds over.

hehehe really proud of myself for churning out this pastry....can you see the flaky layers? ^0^

Ingredient (10 qty)
  • 40gm preserved sweet mui choy, 甜梅菜
  • 35gm white sesame seeds, 芝麻
  • 80gm candied melon, 冬瓜条
  • 1 candied mandarin orange, 桔饼
  • 50gm pork floss, 肉松
  • 450gm lotus paste, 莲蓉

  1. Rinsed preserved mii choy thoroughly and soak in water for 10mins. Squeeze away water and finely chop. Fry in a dry and oiless pan till fragrant and dry. Remove.
  2. Using the same pan, fry the sesame seeds until fragrant and lightly browned.
  3. Finely chop candied melon and mandarin orange.
  4. Combine 50gm lotus paste with the meat fillings into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly till well incorporated. Divide into 10 equal portions.
  5. Divide the balanced lotus paste into 10 x 40gm portions. Wrap up with the filling and clenched firmly into a ball. 

Pastry Dough

Water Dough : Cut shortening into plain flour and gradually add in water and knead till a soft and non sticky dough is formed. Cover and rest for 30 mins. Divide into 10 equal portions.
  • 130gm plain flour
  • 65gm shortening
  • 65gm water

Oil Dough : Cut shortening into flour and mix till crumbs liked. Lightly knead till it comes together into a soft dough. Cover and rest for 30 mins. Divide into 10 equal portions. 
  • 130gm flour
  • 65gm shortening

Egg Wash : 1 egg yolk + 2 tsp water

To assembly :
  1. Wrap oil dough with water dough and roll out.
  2. Roll up into a log shape. Flatten slightly and roll out into a rectangle.
  3. Make 3 folds and roll out into a flat disc. Wrap in a portion of the filling and seal the edge tightly, removing any excess at the end. 
  4. With seam sides facing down, flatten the pastry into a round even disc. Place it on a lined baking sheet. Prick the surface with a fork, egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds over. Repeat with process with the remaining dough and filling.
  5. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg cel for 20 mins. Remove from oven and rest for 10 mins. Egg wash again and bake for another 12-15 mins until golden brown. Cool completely on wire rack before storing.
Recipe source : '月盈中秋' by Choong Su Yin

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