Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free and Easy Bake-Along #41 : Tuna & Potatoes Turnover

Oh so cute! ^.^ 

too cute to be eaten??!! hehehe no cross-sectioned for this puff as I do not want to show its disfigured picture Lol...

While browsing for inspirations on turnovers, I found this site which has wonderful recipes for turnovers!! Making puff pastry from scratch? hehehe I'm not confident to do that for now!! Make from frozen puff pastry is easy peasy to come out with instant delicious puff pastry any time! After rolling out the thawed pastry, I only managed to get 2 huge cute turnovers as my cookie cutters are rather huge which you can see from the picture below....approx 10-12cm for both width and length. 

Tuna & Potato Fillings

Glaze and ready to pop into oven!

 Recipe source :
  • 1 russet potato, peeled and cubed
  • 1 hard boiled egg, cubed
  • 50gm can tuna in olive oil, drained & reserved 1 tbsp of the oil
  • 1 tbsp dried parsley
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 pack thawed store bought puff pastry
  • beaten egg yolk for glazing

  1. Steam cubed potatoes over preheated steamer for 15mins until tender. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  2. Toss in hard boiled egg, tuna and oil, parsley evenly. Add salt & pepper to taste.
  3. Roll out pastry on a lightly floured surface. Cut out pastry using a large cookie cutter or cut into squares. Transfer pastry to a lined baking sheet.
  4. Brush some egg yolk on the outer edge of the pastry. Spoon some fillings in the middle and cover with another piece of pastry. Seal the edge with a fork. Glaze surface with egg yolk.
  5. Bake in preheated oven at 200 deg cel for 15 mins until golden brown. Cool slightly before serving.

I'm submitting this post to Bake Along event hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, Lena of Frozen Wings & Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids


Kelly Siew said...

They are the cutest turnovers ever! Actually the size is about right. I was surprised how big they turned out to be too! As I saw most people cutting 5 inch squares, some even 6 inch!

kitchen flavours said...

These are the cutest turnovers I've seen! I would admire them first before eating as these are very cute! Your tuna and potato filling sounds delicious!
Thank you for baking along with us!

Unknown said...

Are they toys or turnovers.. looks extremely cute lar... how to eat? definitely is children fav. I like this creative idea. *_^

Zoe said...

Hi Peng,

You are so clever creating these cute turnovers!

I shall "steal" your idea to make our lunch box look more interesting to eat :D


Anonymous said...

hi,i cant get ouff pastry in NTUC/
sheng shiong,,may i know where u
purchase your,(first time baker)

Peng said...

June...can try cold storage or go phoon Huat

lena said...

good morning Peng! havent seen puff pastry that comes in kitty cat face! that's pretty creative..and good that its face didnt get out of shape after baking cos at times i find that some pastry puffs may expand too much during the baking process. I'm going over to see your next turnover now !

Baby Sumo said...

Hello Peng, first time visitor to your blog. I really like your cute turnovers.... very creative!

Abbygail's said...

Hi Peng, these are cute . Guess my daughter will wanna keep it instead of eating it.. LOL . I simply love this idea.. ;) Tq for sharing

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