Friday, February 6, 2009

Savoury Muffins

Make this quick muffins for breakfast :) lazy to grate the cheddar so I bought shredded version and use a scissors to snip them shorter. The paprika really gives a golden hue to this muffins...

  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 120gm feta cheese
  1. Sift flour, baking powder & paprika into a bowl. Mix in cheddar cheese.
  2. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients. Mix egg into milk. Pour into the dry ingredients and fold until just combined.
  3. Fill mixture in greased muffin pan. Crumble feta on top of muffins.
  4. Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg cel for 20-25mins.


Beachlover said...

your cheese muffin look moist!! I never bake cheeee muffin yet! must try soon!

PlayKitchen said...

What is paprika?
I saw this in some recipe book too.
Where to get this?

Peng said...

Hi Playkitchen..paprika is grinded from dried is red in colour, it adds colour & flavour to food, can be found at most supermarket.

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