Friday, February 6, 2009

Agar Agar Again!!

Having another packet of 'Agar Q' powder, decide to give it a try again. Instead of using the fruit puree to mix with the agar agar mixture, I strain the juice from the fruit to get a concentrated passionfruit 'juice'. After draining the juice I tasted the balance fruit pulps and is still very tangy, so I decide to boil it with some water.

I measure about 800ml water and boil the remaining fruit pulp. Follow then strain the mixture thoroughly, discard the seeds and get a fruit flavoured liquid!!. I did not follow the package to use 1 liter of water but I still manage to get a firm texture :) Now I also realise that using pure fruit puree will cause the agar agar to have a soft texture instead of crunchy one which I encounter earlier on when making the dragonfruit agar agar. heee...I also make a wise decision of adding extra nata de coco to the agar agar, which really give an extra bite to this dessert :P

Little Bear Mould

without nata de coco filling..cos for my boy :)

Passionfruit Agar Agar
* 10gm agar 'Q' powder
* 80-100 gm sugar (i added only 80gm)
* 800ml water
* 6 passionfruit
* 150ml concentrated passionfruit juice (from 6 passionfruits)
* 1 small can nata de coco

  1. Drain juice from passionfruits as dry as possible to obtain 150ml juice. (I used a fork to press down the pulps) Set aside.
  2. Mix sugar & agar powder evenly. Set aside.
  3. Add the remaining passionfruit pulp into 800ml water and bring to boil on medium heat for 10mins. Strain thoroughly to obtain 700ml liquid. Discard the seeds.
  4. Add in mixture (3) into the 700ml liquid. Bring to boil on low heat till sugar dissolves. Remove from fire. Stir in the concentrated passionfruit juice (150ml) and mix evenly. Scoop some agar agar mixture into jelly mould before placing some nata de coco on top, finish with another scoop of agar agar mixture. Chill till set.

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