Monday, February 10, 2014

Homemade Lemon Vinegar

Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) is coming to the end, I bet you must have a great time feasting everyday! It is time to shed some of the kilos accumulated during this festive season :D Before starting of CNY I've actually managed to shed away 500g after consuming a bottle of this homemade lemon vinegar! Well but sad to say all pounds is returned after eating so much CNY goodies hahaha…..

This daily detox may or may not work (losing weight) on you, but it is no harm consuming (as long you have no gastric problem). I did not experience any side effects after finishing 2 bottles, and is always a good habit to consume enough liquid daily….at least 2 litres per day! 

Ingredient (a approx 900ml vol. bottle)
  • 3 lemons, washed and air dry
  • 400ml distilled white vinegar
  • 350gm brown rock sugar

  1. Slice lemon thinly.  Break brown rock sugar into halves.
  2. Place the lemon and sugar alternately into a dry and sterilized glass bottle, ending the last layer with sugar.
  3. Pour in white vinegar to submerge everything. Seal tightly.
  4. Place the container in a cool dark area for at least 1 month before consuming.
  5. With a clean dry spoon, scoop 1 tbsp lemon vinegar and add into a glass of 300ml Warm Water. First serving in the morning before breakfast and second serving after dinner. 
Why drinking warm lemon water is better?? Check out the benefits by clicking the link below!

I'm sharing this post with Little Thumbs Up February 2014 Event - Lemon hosted by Grace Phua of Life Can Be Simple


小食代 said...

Lemon always been said can help in skin whitening and detoxification.
My little sister made it a month ago??
Gosh, I must go to try it!!

Unknown said...

Peng, this is such a brilliant recipe!! I've not seen something like this but since you say it's very good for detox, I want to try it now after all the CNY feasting @@ It looks absolutely great!!

Zoe said...

Hi Peng,

You lost 1/2 a kg after consuming a bottle of your lemon vinegar... I don't mind having 5 bottles... hee hee :p


Lian said...

Hi Peng
I also need to lose some weight!Thanks for sharing:)

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