Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Bread again :D This time round is Chinese style pan-fried bread. Crispy exterior and chewy texture when eaten warm! very very addicting! :P Instead of making into a big pancake like what Florence did, I roll them into small round circle as I've difficult rolling out the dough into large size! Not sure where I've done wrong as the dough is sticky to handle though I've added additional 1 tbsp flour during the kneading process. Lucky the pancakes turn out alright :D

Recipe from Florence's Blog, click HERE
I'm submitting this recipe to Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction hosted by Sweetylicious


The Sweetylicious said...

this look so nicely pan-fried! and it look really extremely mouthwatering! (: (:

natasya said...

made this this morning for brekkie and it was yum. thanks for sharing.

Peng said...

Hi natasya...great to know that u like it :D

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