Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Princess Food Diary 4!

Compare to her brother whom started porridge at 8mths old, my lil princess only started to fully accept the taste of porridge when she reached almost 1 year old! :D Till now she is quite a easy eater, eat what I prepare for her though is same old usual boring porridge :D And yes she only started to walk independently barely 2 weeks ago, at 16mths 2wks! now everyday every minute surveying around the house non-stop, very busy heeee....

I just turn 17mths yesterday!

Some of the combination I've create for her meals...

Star Pasta Soup : Soy Ikan Bilis Stock + Tomatoes + Tofu + Eggs + Olive Oil

Millet + Rice + Broccoli + Pumpkin + Wild Yam + Sea Bream

Soya Salmon Fish Stock + French Beans + Carrots + Sea Bream

Millet Porridge with fish stock + 苋菜 + pumpkin + egg

苋菜鱼粥 : fish stock as per below + 苋菜 + 淮山 + sea bream
Brown Rice Porridge cook with Tomato Corn Chicken Soup + Pumpkin + Wild Yam + Egg


Yee Er said...

Hi, she is so adorable.

WendyinKK said...

Somehow for me and my hubby, we prefer our kids to walk later than earlier. At your daughter's age is just nice. If walk too early, and if she cannot understand what we tell her, it's very dangerous. At a later age, when her comprehension is better, it's less stressful to let her walk around.
At least the child understands "No" and "Yes", phew!

Faith said...

Hi, I've been following your blog and I have a favor to ask, can you email me the recipe for porridge in this post as I want to cook them for my son. Thanks!

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