Saturday, July 31, 2010


Steamed Pumpkin Cake....method of making illustrated by series of pictures :) able to understand the steps easily or is it confusing?


Cheah said...

I made a steamed cake too, with wolfberries for decor. Will post soon. Kiv yours too!

Peng said...

hope u see urs soon!

Cheah said...

Hi Peng
Angie asked me how come the steamed cake has so many craters, (yours and mine also have them). I did tap the bubbles before I put it in the steamer. Guess we're amateurs, that's why. Those sold commercially have a better looking smooth surface.

Peng said...

i also bang the pan several times hahaha still so many craters loh...maybe also due to the heat? cos steaming very difficult to control the temp we want, as u said we are greenhorns also :)

yenling said...

hi Peng,

d pumpkin puree is it cooked? or just puree raw pumpkin?

I wanto try ts yummy steam cake soon =)

Thanks alot

Peng said...

yenling...yes u need to steam the pumpkin b4 pureeing.

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