Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fatteh (Pita with Chickpeas & Yoghurt)

With some leftover wholemeal pitas and plenty of cooked chickpeas on hand, I went ahead to try out this unfamiliar Middle Eastern dish. It is a quick and easy recipe if you have everything on hand, which can be served as a light brunch. But alas dear hubby completely shunned this dish hahaha….he find it hard to stomach it down though he liked the pitas a lot! After testing out a few Middle Eastern dishes, final conclusion he simply do not like the flavour of cumin...though I've actually reduced the amount used. In the end am the one whom polished up this Fatteh…^0^

Ingredient (2 servings)

  1. Reheat pita over a dry heated pan, until both sides are lightly browned and crispy.
  2. Put the chickpeas in a small pot of water added with a pinch of salt and simmer for 10 mins till heated through. Drain away water.
  3. Combine yogurt, garlic, cumin, lemon juice, tahini paste and pinch of salt in a mixing bowl and whisk till thoroughly combined. Whisk in a little water at a time if the mixture is too thick, until a desired consistency is reached.
  4. Arrange the toasted pita wedges onto a serving plate. Top with warm chickpeas, then the yogurt sauce. Sprinkle some pine nuts and cilantro and serve immediately.

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest: West Asia hosted by Shannon from Just As Delish 

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