Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hangzhou Trip 6 Nov 2011 - Sceneric Pics

We are backed to our home sweet home!! Just to share some pictures during the 1 mth period in Hangzhou & Shanghai :D

Happy Kids :D ...in coach from Shanghai to Hangzhou...3 hours journey in bus >.<, lucky my lil gal did not give me any headaches in the bus :D

local wet market near our accommodation

curious at the fresh ducks hehehe...

visiting Westlake

wilted lotus flower

sun setting at 4pm

tea plantation...龙井村

西溪湿地 Xixi Wetland National Park

Osmanthus 桂花


Part of the Grand Canal 京杭运河

bringing the kids to zoo to see Pandas

views inside the zoo

views outside the zoo

visiting 上海外滩 before leaving for Singapore the next day :D



WendyinKK said...

the bamboo forest looks so serene.... beautiful

AikoVenus said...

Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful - but a bit busy at the same time. ^^ I wouldn't mind being there for a moment.

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