Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chicken Pinwheels

What to do when a 3.5 year old kid refuse to eat greens? So everyday I've to crack my head on what to serve him!! This is the first time I let him try raw celery and he manage to accept it when I prepared this cute little chicken pinwheels for today breakfast! He requested for a whole roll instead of the cut ones! Luckily he did not unroll the bread and picked out the celery hahaha....

Finally tomorrow he is going back to school again after the long June school holiday! With balance of some celery in fridge, I've prepared a Tuna version one for him to bring to school!!

  • Wholemeal Bread
  • Chicken breast meat, steamed & shred finely
  • Celery, finely chopped
  • Raisins
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon juice
  • Dash of black pepper
  1. Mix shredded chicken meat, celery, raisins, mayonnaise, lemon juice & pepper evenly.
  2. Trim away crust of the bread. Using a rolling pin, flatten the breads slightly.
  3. Spread salad mixture over bread, roll up firmly. Cling wrap tightly for each roll and chill. Slice into bite size before serving.


PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

Have you tried chopping vegetables up finely and hiding them in a tomato sauce for pasta? That's a popular trick here in UK - or how about pizza faces with vegetables?

Would your son accept vegetables more if you grew them together at home then he may be more willing to eat what he has grown?

Just some ideas. Good luck! :0)

Peng said...

plant at home!! hahaha no possible cos we living in high rise flats! I've tried your way :) always must hide the vege here n there in dishes

Bakericious said...

Peng, if is my daughter she sure wil pick out the celery :P. Luckily still manage to get her to eat veggie even she dun really like them, her taste bug kept changing, from dislike to like then now change to dislike again, hopefully she wil change again soon. The pinwheel bread looks delicious and is a great idea, thanks for sharing.

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