Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Dish Meal #2 : Braised Yee Fu Noodles

I've been wanting to cook this dish for quite some time, but could not locate any stalls selling yellow chives near my place! One fine day while browsing at cold storage and saw bunches of fresh yellow chives! :) So continue with my groceries shopping for dried noodle, baby corns and button mushroom :)

  • 300gm Yee Fu noodles
  • 200gm yellow chives
  • 200gm sliced button mushrooms
  • 200gm sliced baby corns
  • 5 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 3 tbsp oil
Sauce (mix together)
  • 3 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 4 tsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 2.5 cups stock

  1. Heat oil in wok, sauté garlic until fragrant. Add in mushroom and baby corn and stir fry for 2mins.
  2. Toss in yellow chives and stir fry for 1 min. Dish up.
  3. In the same wok, add in sauce mixture and bring to boil. Add in Yee Fu noodle and simmer till noodle is softened and absorbed the sauce.
  4. Return the yellow chive, mushroom & baby corn into the wok and toss evenly with the noodles. Ready to serve.

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