Friday, February 15, 2013

Pandan Raisin Loaf

Finally my old and lil kids are recovering and they should be able to return to school on next Monday!! For this Chinese Lunar New Year we did not manage to go any visiting at all due to our chicken pox outbreak, so what to do during this long holidays?? hehehe me busy making bread for the kiddos! yah hubby does not really fancy bread, but me and my kids do!! 

Ingredient (20cm x 11cm loaf)
  • 200gm bread flour
  • 50gm cake flour
  • 5gm instant yeast
  • 3gm salt salt
  • 25gm sugar
  • 10gm milk powder
  • 30gm beaten egg
  • 150gm concentrated pandan juice
  • 1 tsp pandan paste
  • 25gm butter
  • 60gm raisins

  1. Mix all ingredient, except butter, and formed into a rough dough.
  2. Add in butter and knead till a smooth and elastic dough is formed.
  3. Shape into round and proof for 60mins until double in bulk.
  4. Punch down dough and knead lightly. Divide dough 3 portions each weighing 200gm and roll into rounds. Rest for 10mins.
  5. Roll out each dough using a rolling pin. Roll it up like a swiss roll. Rest for another 10mins. Repeat process and roll out into a 40cm x 10cm rectangular. Sprinkle raisins evenly over and roll up and place each dough into a loaf pan. Proof for another 1 hour or until 80% full of the loaf pan, cover the pan with the attached lid.
  6. Bake in preheated oven at 200 deg cel for 40mins. Unmould immediately and cool completely on wire rack.


DG said...

Glad to hear that finally your both kids are recovering :) Your pandan loaf has very attractive green colour. I wish a Happy Lunar Year to you & your family :)

Esther Lau said...

Hi Peng, i am 1st time here. I love the beautiful green of this bread, well done!!!

lena said...

hi peng, Gong xi fa cai to you and your family! sorry to hear abt the chickenpox, i did not do any baking at all of course during the cny week, i think i will only get back to blogging later!

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