Thursday, April 23, 2009


Fresh Roselle, a plant which is rich in Vitamin C, taste slightly sweet & sour...

A thirst-quenching drink, I did not add any sweeteners as I prefer to taste is natural sweetness :)

* 200gm fresh roselle
* 3 liter water
* honey to taste (optional)

1. Rinse roselle briefly, tear off outer layer & lightly crush buds.
2. Place (1) into a pot of water, bring to boil for 5mins. Turn off heat. Cover and leave till cool.
3. Strain away pulps and serve with ice-cubes, or chill in fridge.

* 10gm konnyaku powder
* 1/2 cup sugar
* 500ml fresh roselle juice
* 300ml rose wine

1. Combine konnyaku powder & sugar together. Mix evenly.
2. Bring roselle juice to boil. Add konnyaku mixture gradually, stirring constantly. Stir till sugar & powder dissolves.
3. Turn off heat, stir in rose wine. Transfer jelly mixture into mould and chill till set.


TL said...

Hey Peng,
Did you see in that book it has this Roselle Chiffon also? ;)

thinkingmama said...

hi, can you advise where to get this plant?

Peng said...

TL...yes! i saw the recipe, but dun think i try that cos i find that the taste wont be as distinctive after baking it :P

Thinkingmama, fresh roselle is readily available at some NTUC, if not u also can get dried version at chinese medical hall.

thinkingmama said...

Hi, found it :)


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