Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oriental Roast Pork

Sinful yet absolute delicious dish!!...luvs the crunchy skin

Very easy recipe..1 650gm pork belly, wash and clean pork thoroughly and pat dry. Prick the skin all over thoroughly. Sprinkle and rub 1 tsp Five Spice Powder2 tsp Sea Salt and 1/2 tbsp Black Peppercorn over the pork. Store in air tight container over night. Make sure the the top of the container does not touch the skin of the pork as you want the skin remains dry so to achieve a crispy skin!....Place pork on a wire rack, baked at 230 degrees celsius for 40 minutes, lower the temperature to 160 degrees celsius, continue to bake for 25 minutes, turn on top heat and grill for 10 mins till the skin crackles.

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